Tae Kim

tae-kimTae Kim has produced a simple yet expansive Japanese learning guide, with a wide selection of Japanese content available in a user-friendly format including many examples. YouTube videos have also been uploaded by the site to help users fully interact with its extensive features. An endless supply of knowledge for all levels of learning Japanese

This all-in-one site will guide users in a wealth of Japanese-related tasks, like getting a new PC up and running, how to type in the correct way and even provides brilliant information on grammatical structure (I’d say even better than many of the textbooks on the market). As vast as the site is, the layout is fairly plain and simple. Usually, simple sites tend to have an advantage over more complex ones, however with limited menus accessing the information you require can be hard. The contents table is laid out in a basic fashion which normally works fine, but even the lack of a search bar for the site is slightly worrying.

The contents table on the side of the page supplies users with a grammatical point in English which then links to other related Japanese points. For newbies learning Japanese it should be easy, point by point, but Tae Kim’s site may not be the best option for those wishing to recall how to implement certain grammatical points in Japanese. The site needs to be viewed as a textbook rather than a Japanese reference site, and I’m sure it will be a first choice for thousands of Japanese students.



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