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Pimsleur JapanesePimsleur Japanese

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The well-known Pimsleur approach to language learning is centred on the fact that children learn to speak a language without reading or writing. Babies may say ‘Mum’ before they know what the spelling looks like or even the association of the word. The same approach is taken by the Pimsleur learning program and replicated for adult learners.


Every learner of a new language will have learned their mother tongue in this way, as it seems to be easier to pick up when there are no set ground rules like structure or grammar to hinder progress. Primarily, users copy what is heard first which then moves on to the associations of the words learned. The audio bytes of words lets the student become accustomed to the way they sound without trying to pair it up with a specific character. As the course structure is grounded in word mimicking and repetition, it allows for learning to happen more naturally- first the sound, then the correlating word or phrase in the correct context.


The complete series of audio lessons is covered over three CD’s, each with around 30 lessons of 30 minutes each. The demonstration begins with a short Japanese dialogue, followed up with native language questions the user is to respond to in Japanese.  There’s more than enough time for students to formulate their answers, which are then given correctly by a native speaker. Once again you repeat the answer, and the audio tutor repeats as well for extra repetition.


What’s great about Pimsleur: Japanese


Time flexibility

These audio tutorials can be used during any activity that you don’t need to be listening intently such as running, driving and housework. As the course is totally audible, students can benefit from it with free hands to be getting on with other things- its not a sit down and study style of learning which is kind of liberating from the usual textbooks. You are guaranteed not to become overwhelmed with the course, as there is sufficient information in each 30 minute block to keep you on your toes- and you can always pause after each section to reflect.


Repeat, repeat, recall!

The Pimsleur approach to Japanese speaking gives users adequate time to respond and doesn’t rush you, and every progressive section keeps words and phrases in context with an eye to materials already studied. The course incorporates past vocabulary and structures that build on each other as the course progresses, always keeping you within your comfort zone until you are ready to move on. The constant repetition allows new phrases to sink in well, and be recalled more accurately over long periods of time.


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