Learning Japanese with iknow

iknow-logoTo start with, the educational services offered by iknow aren’t free of charge. There is a choice of three different memberships to choose from, however at certain times there are discounts available- I would advise waiting for them to come out. The site offers a flexible monthly fee of around €10 (checked Jan 2012), a 6 month pass for €48 and the yearly pass is €65. So depending on your needs, you can choose the best option for you. All membership passes enable users to access the full range of iknow functions.

The app uses an adaptive learning system where images you hold mentally for certain objects,, e.g. a dog, are connected to the word. ‘Dog’ in Japanese is ‘inu’, and whilst you learn, the image you have for ‘dog’ is joined with the Japanese word ‘inu’. In this way, memory connections can be made in the short term, rather than simply forgetting right away as is often the case. The words are reshow at specific intervals aimed at storing the new words permanently. After the thorough repetition, it’s not very likely the words will not be remembered long-term.iknow

After a short while of learning with the software, there are various styles of tests that enhance your knowledge by recalling what has already been learned. The audio byte of a word will be given and you must select the right meaning. You must write Kanji correctly and accurately and must select the correct meaning of a specific Kanji.

The time users are given to learn specific words are determined from past feedback. If you consistently forget a certain word, it will be shown more than those you do- naturally. The software iknow asserts that the timing of specific questions is assessed by a certain algorithm tailored for memory enhancement. The overall goal for students is to make as many new words as possible stick with you for life, being able to recall them at will.

Currently, students can take on language study of English, Chinese and Japanese. Translations for learning Japanese are shown in English, and there are about 6000 words for vocabulary. All of the vocabularies are intermingled with sentences, audio bytes and graphics to aid learning. A decent app for learning words, but not for actually becoming a functional speaker of Japanese.


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