Learning Japanese By Ronald Timoshenko

screenshot_learning_japaneseThe name of this app is not 100% accurate. It will not teach you to speak Japanese in the traditional fashion. It’s more of a reference point for grammatical structures, which is nice to have at hand for communications with Japanese speakers or simply to revise from. Instead of this app, I would say Tae Kim’s website is a lot handier and does the same but better. It is more structured than Timoshenko’s, and reflects the Japanese language better in real-life situations.

The app has done a great job of cramming so much content onto a small device, which is what many apps are guilty of… information over-load for the beginning student. Because it is free though, some users might still find that it’s a nifty little app to have on your device.learn-japanese02

Topics that are used in the app are wide-ranging and highly informative for many areas of Japanese writing and expressions. The Hiragana, Kanji and Katakana are covered in detail, as well as basic and essential grammatical forms e.g. particles, conditionals and tenses. Special expressions such as amounts are also given room, as well as more advanced sections like formal expressions. But again, this is not an app that is going to teach you to speak, or learn to read per se. It’s more of a resource, so some may find the name misleading.


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