Kanji Alive

Free Japanese language learning site

kanji aliveThis site was developed by the University of Chicago, and provides a resource for learning Kanji interactively. Students will be able to learn how to write and read Kanji (a Japanese style of writing that mirrors traditional Chinese writing styles). The site is clean and fresh, plus navigation is a doddle with the menu at the left. For the video and audio sections, a QuickTime player is needed.

This site is useful for students who are just beginning or are already at an intermediate level. Two windows are used which allow students to a) search and find specific kanji and b) learn more information about a specific kanji. To assist in writing kanji there is a video demonstration for each character, taking you through stroke by stroke. To enhance learning there is also a kanji history section available, along with the basic guidelines of writing the language effectively. A down-loadable PDF file has every radical with Japanese/English wording, plus an extremely handy section for Japanese language instructors.

On the site, users can:
Search all kanji in numerous ways- e.g. onyomi

Displays the meaning, radical name + stroke number, English translations and stroke numbers of all kanji.

Search for specific kanji using the chapter or lesson- shows users everything they need to know about the lesson being studied

Look at each character being written step-by-step by a real Japanese tutor, as well as excellent calligraphic font used throughout.

Watch the video animation step-by-step or from start to finish by clicking on the stroke diagrams at the bottom.

Listen to real Japanese speakers pronouncing words to copy from. There are sometimes as many as twelve examples for every kanji, in both male and female voices.

This site is more of a reference aid, than it is a solution to learning to read Japanese for a beginning student.



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