Instant Immersion Japanese

Instant Immersion JapaneseInstant Immersion: Japanese
Available for $24.95

Instant Immersion for learners of Japanese is a multi-featured audio aid that assists students using the Euro Method, where learners are taught with native Japanese speakers in the appropriate culture. This set gives students true-to-life conversational and grammatical assistance, where you gauge a better understanding of not only the language, but specific cultural contexts.
The total package consists of 6 language CD’s for studying, plus an extra 3 discs to use interactively with your TV or to download onto mobile music devices, like an iPod. The package has been designed so that you can take your learning with you wherever you go, driving to work or in the shopping mall. Designed to be customizable for each user, the program always makes learning fun and users can choose the appropriate level of study for them. The disc set is covered by a 6-month cash-back promise, and can be bought for either Mac or Windows operating systems.
Basic Features of the Program
To make learning easier, the developers have created three levels of learning, each with 2 accompanying CD-ROM’s. Level 1 is a basic introduction to the language, where pronunciation and beginner words are used whilst getting accustomed. Level 2 branches out to more everyday phrases and terminology, such as one would experience if communicating with a Japanese person or visiting the country. There are numerous conversational pieces in Level 2 to immerse the user in modem Japanese life, backed up with audio and video mentors in a relaxed Q&A style.
Level 3 is an extended Level 2, with more emphasis on phrases although on a much harder scale.
Moving up the levels is greatly helped by lots of grammar, comprehension and pronunciation exercises- all designed to enhance and fix in place what has been previously learnt. I found the inclusion of frequent audio and video features on the discs made learning the Japanese language fairly fun to do. A decent start to learning Japanese.


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