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Human JapaneseAbout the Course
The Human Japanese app is laid out similar to a book with different chapters with varied linguistic sections like verbs and pronunciation, as well as topical sections like family or clothing. The two sections are interspersed on the app, and you can get to grips with the more specific points covered with some hands-on experience afterwards. If you’ve been studying clothing, then you will also be shown examples in real-life where these new verbs, nouns and adjectives can be applied practically.
The software is highly interactive, being in the form of an electronic book which allows pages and chapters to be read with ease. Unlike a traditional book, when you click on a linked word in the app you are able to see immediately the things relating to the word or phrase. These clickable buttons boost learning by supplying users with visual and/or audio assistance. Nearly every graphic in the app is interactive and assists students in the correct pronunciation of letters, words and even whole phrases. Just one click and you can hear the audio for the word, letter or phrase you’re looking at- extremely helpful to have these two features knitted together. The self-tests throughout the application, usually in the middle of a chapter, are a great way to see how much you know about the content you have just been studying. They are fairly simple but give a much needed memory boost for the trickier ones. You will be shown a Japanese phrase with the ‘show translation’ button below; guess, then you will see the translation in English. There are also animated buttons that demonstrate the proper way to write Japanese. In the first few chapters when students learn to read and write Hiragana, these quick little demos are super. Users are informed of how many strokes are needed, and a simple click on the letter completes the written animation- brilliant! There are long quizzes to test your memory when you finish certain chapters. They highlight what you need to brush up on, and what you have already learned satisfactorily. A quick revision of the not-so-hot sections will bring you up to speed with the course, and you can take the test as many times as you want.
This application is dissimilar to conventional books and language learning software. Not only do you study words and phrases, but there is a real emphasis on linking items together to build a better foundation for language learning. It may seem harder this way, but the structure gives you a real grounding and the basis from which to further your own language development skills. The courses are supposed to be progressive, but the free-flowing structure allows students to pick up study in an area they may be interested in. When you click on the Chapters tab, all the chapters available for study are displayed. Beginners of Japanese should be going through a variety of beginner level programs for more exposure to the basics, and over-lap which solidifies learning. Human Japanese is a decent piece of software to have gone through for anybody wanting to get started with Japanese.


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