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gengo-grammerGengo Grammar (for Japanese)
Price of app: $9.99
The overall design of the Gengo Grammar app is ok, but the way romaji and kana are interspersed is not the greatest idea. The pop-up on the home page advertising a free account for life can by annoying too.

Having said this, once you get onto the app you will see a wide range of content features. If you’re after a plain explanation of a specific piece of grammar, then the app is ultra-handy. What is describes is correct for each character, and all of the exemplar phrases have been recorded in native tongue. One has to ignore the splash screen and messy interface to benefit from the wealth of knowledge it holds.

Unlock the whole pack of Japanese grammatical structures with Gengo Grammar.

Very Accessible
The app places every grammar point you may require in one easy to find place. Whether you’re in a restaurant or reading an article, the application delivers what you need whenever you have need of it- fast.

The application gathers its information into distinct categories for easy searching. The topics of study are arranged A-Z, by their level of difficulty and also by their level of JLPT. Everyone can discover what they need in just a few short finger clicks.gengo grammer 2

Complete Audio
The Gengo Grammar application outshines a traditional dictionary in many ways, and goes above and beyond by giving every user a native Japanese sound byte for each word, sentence and longer phrases.


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